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When we engage the power of our intention with the force of habit, we can create change in our thoughts and behavior which will transform our bodies, our daily lives, and our reality. 



Jess is available to work with you to create a plan to manifest the change you wish to see in your world.  Whether the change is about your diet, your mood, your relationship or a health condition, Jess is available to create a wellness plan which will support a transition towards greater health and well being.


Jess uses reflective listening skill to help clarify the underlying goal or need and works with each person to create an individual intention that addresses the presenting concern.  She then works with you to set clear, attainable steps towards that goal.  She offers support to develop new habits, referrals to additional resources or supports, and education to assist in the transition. These sessions can be in person at the office, via skype or over the phone and are done regularly to help support the process.  Jess will work with you to create materials – either written, digital or live media to help move you towards your goals.



Because change works best when we have support, Jess also incorporates a variety of workshops on topics which support the people with whom she is working.  Workshops are interactive, fun and confidential.  They are designed to help connect people to others working on similar goals, grow knowledge about a particular subject or technique, and offer time for reflection and practice of new concepts.

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