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Jess Robie, RN offers a full array of services geared towards helping you start, maintain, or deepen a holist approach to health and wellbeing.  Through individual or group sessions Jess uses her skills as an RN, an educator, and a body/energy workers help you to relax, re-vision, transform and boost your life.  Jess uses a variety of modalities to help integrate the wisdom of the body, the chatter of the mind, and power of the human energy field.  She uses reflective listening and intuition to guide each appointment so it centers around your individual goals or intentions. Whether you want to let go of daily stress or change a set of challenging circumstances in your life, Jess's goal is help re-connect you with your inner wisdom and support you to manifest the change you wish to see in your life or the world.  She believes that happiness and well-being are a by-product of living in resonance with our own inner knowing.


In addition, Jess offers workshops on various topics to support the individual work her clients are doing.  With a universal goal of increased self awareness, mind/body integration and self care, topics include stress management, starting the conversation about advanced directives, discovering our inner knowing, and others. 

Body & Energy Based Support

Thai-Shiatsu Body Work, Shiatsu, Matrix Energetics and more.

Mind Based Support

Individual and Group support

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