Breaking Point or Birthing Place?

My wife has got me watching Sexy Back, which is the Australian answer to The Biggest Loser. It’s a little more kind and gentle that the American version. Instead of being a competition in an isolated retreat, there is only 1 or 2 participants and they are fighting for themselves and each other. They set a goal and they get a week of in-home support from the trainer and then they have to do it alone. So, here’s a little secret about me, I cry when I watch these shows. I mean like box of tissues in my lap cry. You might think it’s because Jillian is screaming in someone’s face, but it’s actually not about that.

There is something so profound about watching someone push themselves to the breaking point. That moment when you step beyond what you thought you could do in the name of something you want more than anything is a precious moment. Watching someone do that in the name of their health, in the name of being around longer for their children or spouse, in the name of wanting to reclaim a life they can’t live in their current condition just gets me, and I cry.

So in keeping with this year’s theme of intentional dreaming…. Sometimes going after your dreams requires that kind of pushing. Maybe it’s not burpees and a 5 mile run, but there is something that is holding you back, otherwise it wouldn’t be a dream. I am a big believer that there is a universal flow and when you are in it, working towards the things that you are aligned with, there is an ease and a flow but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy or passive. Sometimes the work you are being called to do requires that you break a little, that you develop some cracks through which the new thing can come in.

The contestants on those shows get a trainer who pushes them, throws away their bad food, and is there to remind them of their own goals. I think we need those trainers. We need those midwives who can see the dream manifest before we can, the person who will call us out when we sell ourselves short of that breaking point line.

Every great dreamer had a support team, a back up crew. Who are your people? If you can’t tell, maybe that is step one in this process. Who are the people who have your back in your biggest adventures? Who are the people who push you? I would recommend at least 3, preferably people who push you in different ways. I have my mom who thinks every idea I have is fantastic and cheers me on no matter what. My wife will tell me the truth and she sees things differently than I do so she is a good indicator of when I am only making sense to myself. She also has my back and loves me through every dumb idea so I don’t mind if she tells when my ideas are awful. My sister is a brilliant word smith and she understands story and craft. She helps me find my own voice in things. These ladies have been the midwife of this years expansion. Find your people. Tell them how much they mean to you. Then get to dreaming.

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